Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise for Education (e4e) is a dedicated public private sector partnership that aims to link employers with schools and students in a bid to create a better understanding of career opportunities and raise young people’s aspirations, improve employability skills and provide a larger pool of home-grown talent for local employers.

E4E was founded by Derby City Council in November 2014. A project team has been established, with a board of directors made up of representatives from the city’s schools and the business community, including major employers such as Rolls Royce and local SMEs.

Our vision is to build a passionate movement that mobilises the local workforce to support pupils and schools in order to help our young people prepare for the world of work.

This will involve raising their self-belief, motivation and aspirations, informing them about the wide range of career opportunities available to them and helping them achieve their best by unlocking their true potential.

We are currently working to increase employer understanding of the benefits of supporting young people to develop their employability skills and reinforcing the many benefits that both local employers and the wider Derby economy will gain from supporting youngsters before they leave school.

A pilot programme of mock interviews and CV writing involving 50 city employers was originally delivered to schools across the city. The programme was met with widespread support from both schools and pupils, who identified the need for a wider range of support.

The range of employability and careers activities available has now been expanded to include mentoring, industry visits and careers workshops/ talks in addition to building on the mock interviews and CV Workshops. In 2016/17 we are seeking to further expand our mentor and careers talks offers, as well as develop new masterclasses and industry challenges.

E4E is a vitally important component in the continued economic resurgence of Derby as it provides young people with a genuine set of skills and opportunities, whilst also raising the standard of the talent pool from which employers can pick from. Working with nearly all the secondary schools in Derby and many primary schools e4e is fast becoming a key element in the delivery of careers, employability and enterprise skills in many schools.

We are continuously recruiting new employer volunteers with passion and commitment or perhaps intrigue and sense of wanting to help, who can share our vision and can offer a minimum of half a day a year of their time in order to help us improve the opportunities and skills of young people and better prepare them for the world of work.

This will enable us to raise ambition and aspiration for all and equip our young people with the skills they need to learn, earn and thrive in today’s workplace.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should contact the e4e team on 01332 641600/641626 or email