Derby City Raising Aspiration Awards 2021

The E4E Derby City Raising Aspirations Awards 2021 aim to celebrate local student success, give recognition to their achievements and highlight the amazing schools, employers and individuals who go above and beyond to support young people to achieve their true potential.

Employer contact at school is vital for students’ personal and academic growth, career choice and future achievement. Local employers and local schools share a common goal to connect and develop all our young people so that they are best positioned for the world of work.

These awards are open to all Derby City students in school years 7-13. E4E celebrates all our young people regardless of their background or starting point. We believe in the power and rights of young people to determine their own future and believe it is our shared responsibility to support them along that journey. We recognise that achievement comes in many different forms unique to each individual and we celebrate them all.

The 2021 Awards event will be held in November 2021 and will be attended (live or online) by student award finalists, parents, school leaders and business representatives. Once again, E4E are proud to celebrate local achievement with all our stakeholders.

We believe that the combined passion and determination of local young people, schools and our business community is core to the future success of this great city. Our 9 award categories are designed to celebrate them all.

If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our E4E Raising Aspirations Awards this year, please get in touch via this online form or call Arshad Iqbal on 07812 130527.