Our activities

We are committed to supporting all of the young people that we work with to achieve their full potential both in school and beyond.

Our activities and events include:

We are committed to supporting all of the young people that we work with to achieve their full potential both in school and beyond. All of E4E’s activities are in line with the SkillsBuilder framework,  D2N2 employability framework, and Gatsby Benchmarks (in particular GB2, 4 and 5)

The SkillsBuilder Framework is used in many schools to help build skills that students need to succeed in education and beyond into employment, and are interwoven into the activities E4E offer:

SkillsBuilder framework

Developed by employers and schools, the D2N2 employability framework document outlines the skills growth strategy across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. It reinforces the need for employability skills support within the area and states that there are 10 key skills, qualities and experiences which all young people should have had an opportunity to practise, develop or have access to.

These are:

  • Self-motivation
  • Self-assurance
  • High aspirations
  • Accountability
  • Resilience
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Co-operative
  • Information about their choices post-16
  • Have undertaken work experience
  • Academic and extra-curricular achievements

These essential skills and experiences underpin all of our activities and we provide an opportunity for students to develop and gain a better understanding of how these can be utilised in the workplace.