Derby City Raising Aspiration Awards 2020
Online awards event – held August 2020

Employer contact at school is vital for students’ personal and academic growth, career choice and future achievement. Through E4E, local employers and local schools have created a strong established bridge in Derby, one that links young people to the skills needs of our local economy.

Just in the 12 months to March 2020 E4E Volunteers from local businesses, employers and communities once again joined forces to deliver a record beating 15,709 impactful student careers encounters.  

Now, that’s worth celebrating!!

Through this E4E Annual Awards event we wanted to recognise achievement and highlight many talented people and companies throughout Derby. Working together with schools and students, a growing pool of 800+ passionate and committed employer volunteers is supporting thousands of young people, each year, to achieve their full potential.  By raising aspirations and career skills we are positively impacting  social mobility for our younger generation, helping to give local people real opportunities in the local economy of the future and making a positive contribution to local communities

We believe that the combined passion and determination of local young people, schools and our business community is core to the future success of this great city. Our 10 award categories are designed to celebrate them all.

Due to social distancing, we hosted this year’s  event online, on Tuesday 18th August. That way we ensured no one misses out from not getting an entry ticket. With prizes which recognised achievement and progress, entrepreneurship, charitable acts and resilience, we were delighted to bring together our community of schools, employers and volunteers to show off how amazing this years’ students have been through the bizarre circumstances of Covid-19.

Celebrating our local students,local schools and local business community

Young Achiever was sponsored by Rolls-Royce

Aiming High was sponsored by Trent Barton

Brilliance Award was sponsored by Stanton Developments

STEM Award was sponsored by Lubrizol

Creativity Award was sponsored by Structural Fabrications

School of the Year was sponsored by Derby City Schools Forum

Volunteer of the Year was sponsored by Derby City Council

COVID-19 Response Awards:
Resilience Award was sponsored by T-Bag Productions

Community Award was sponsored by David Nieper

Resourcefulness Award was sponsored by Cosy Direct

Derby Schools Debate Competition was sponsored by Freeths LLP


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