Our partners at Joined Up Careers have the following resources:

    • Rhod Gilberts Work Experience: Care Worker – a moving, real insight into a career within care, can be found on BBC IPlayer. Please note there’s an occasional expletive in there from Rhod and residents (all in good humour);
    • Check out the ‘Every Day is Different’ campaign for more information on careers within health and social care; https://www.everydayisdifferent.com/social-care-job-roles.aspx
    • Check out the Joined Up Careers website for all things health and social care, including case studies from professionals working in the sector: https://joinedupcareers.co.uk/
    • Applications for the next cohort of rotational health & social care apprentices will open in the next few weeks. The apprenticeship is level 2, has a duration of 16 months (starting September 2020) and there are multiple positions available. Get in touch with Joined Up Careers for more information.
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